About Us

Our mission is simple. We are here to help anyone who is interested in a career in the STEM field get on the best path towards a successful career.

For over 30 years we have been helping top companies attract and retain talented students and emerging STEM professionals through our annual conferences. However, over the past few years we kept getting one troubling piece of feedback: Although our students were bright and extremely skilled in their domain, many of them didn’t quite have the soft skills and workplace etiquette necessary to allow them to excel in the workplace.

Further research showed us that this wasn’t just a phenomenon with our students, but it was a phenomenon nationwide. From there we saw an opportunity to help students coming to our conferences stand out even more in the competitive STEM workforce: developing a program to train and certify our students in job readiness. Thus, we developed JobMatch and our Job Readiness Certification.

Our goal is to equip every emerging STEM professional with the tools needed to maximize the formative years of their career. JobMatch is a focused program designed to train emerging STEM professionals in workplace skills, and to help place them in internships.