CCG’s Job Readiness Certification is designed to help emerging STEM professionals gain the skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce.

There are two ways to complete our Job Readiness Certification certification program:

Normal Track is our normal Develop Institute for Emerging Leaders (DIEL) program. It is a one and one half day program that offers the opportunity to complete up to 8.5hrs at each conference. There is a one-hour break to attend the career fair when all 8.5hrs are to be completed. In the normal track, students may opt to complete the certification through online webinars.

Fast Track is a 12 credit, one and half-day program that begins at the BEYA STEM Conference. This includes two core courses, one elective, the Business Etiquette Dinner Practical, and the online course, Let’s Get That Job: Job Search Skills and Strategies That Lead You to the Best Fit Opportunity. Once the 12 hours are completed, participants will be pre-certified and eligible to be placed on the interview schedule. Participants may complete the remaining eight hours at the Women of Color Conference in Detroit.

Core Courses (All Required)

Business Etiquette (BEYA Only)
Interpersonal Skills
Critical thinking
Teamwork and Teambuilding (Conference Only)

Elective Courses (2 Required)

Customer Relationship Management (Online Only)
Generation Gaps (Online Only)
Job Search Skills (Online Only)
Mastering the Interview