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7 Things a Job Seeker Should Never Include on Their Resume

Our resume writers know what works and what doesn’t when ...
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Career in Motion…How to Get Things Moving in the Right Direction

Read the original article on Copyright 2016 If you ...
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Making the Most of your Summer Internship

So, you've finally landed a summer internship, congratulations! Here are ...
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Internship Search Materials

The Summer Internship Search Process

Finding a summer internship can help you get your foot ...
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Using College to Prepare for Career

You’ve made the decision to further your education to obtain ...
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Resume Evaluation

When you submit your resume to CCG JobMatch through the ...
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Unpacking the Marketable Skills in Your Work History

When writing your work history, it can be difficult to ...
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Resume Basics

Congratulations! Maybe this is your very first resume, or maybe ...
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Principles of Networking

As a student or young professional, the idea of networking ...
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